About Me

Sakapfèt, I am Jerry, and I am here to create. Forever 25! My short 3 years in the medical school have always stuck to me, my interest in health and helping the world around me have evolve into mysterious forms of bizarre ideas straight out of nowhere that add a little something to the world around us. My world contains creation on all kind of fields. Although I started (and still continue) with random things like arts, musics then logos. I now focus on more profitable businesses. Weather the profit is a smile, an astonishment, money or the pleasure of doing what has to be done.


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I Believe In

Freedom is a state of mind, a way of living. I believe that ideas are free to evolve through their own path.

Or the 80/20 rule which is the base of effectiveness. I tackle what generates the greatest impact despite its difficulty.

I would rather lose everything than not being loyal. This is the glue that keeps my relationships and partnerships tight and steady.

What I don’t know always wants the best for us.

I don’t challenge or go against anything, I simply evolve in my own creative way. Giving room to everything.

I believe that people are basically good, some just need a little push to become great.

I am color-blind, race-blind, ethnicity-blind. I see beauty everywhere, in everything and everyone; Although sometimes it might need some refinement.

I do care for everything, but not that much. I laugh and joke over my own mistakes and frustrations. I can afford to, because I know that everything will always turn out to our ultimate advantage.

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